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praying mantis

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I took a bunch of really bad pictures. 1) Anything big and... sparse, well, autofocus can't deal with that, of course. 2) I could tell the camera regarded the wood as ridiculously bright, but it was hard to accept that because my visual system doesn't perceive it as that bright (unlike my problems with sand, where, yes, I can see that sand is very bright).
This was the most acceptable.

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Someone was found in a dangerous situation and given a ride to somewhere green (so don't take the fact that it's standing on a fern to mean that it normally has any interest in standing on ferns). Not a great picture, either, but given how impossibly windy it was that day, I'm fortunate to have anything.

Well, for that matter, I don't know whether they have any interest in standing on logs -- that other one was a bit of a rescue situation as well.
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