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longhorned beetle

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To the unaided eye, it just looked like a long, skinny beetle thing. Close up in the photo, it looks like a scary-mandibled termite-like alarming thing.

A day later: I happen to see a picture of a brown prionid, which looks identical except that mine has those spots. That at least tells me this thing is in the longhorned family somewhere...

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Didn't come out well. And for some reason, it looks like it's dead in the picture. It was very much not dead. You aim where you think it will be.

I think it's a borer of some sort.
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I'm stunned that this came out. They are runners, so you have to aim where you expect them to be in a moment.
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Again a bit different from those I have shown before. Recall what JBS Haldane said about inordinate fondness.
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