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3:39:19 PM
I had about 15 minutes to spare, and decided to shoot the project in that timeframe. I ran around the house looking - desperately - for white, blue and red.
The photos I took were almost all done in macro, just to see what I could do to fill the frame.
I spoke with John yesterday and told him how much I enjoyed taking my first photography classes where we critiqued each other's projects. This was the mid 70's, and everything was shot on Kodachrome, with bracketing expected, and everything in manual mode.
I loved the critique - what people liked/loved. I also grew so much by having everyone talk about possible changes in composition, lighting. It was really a very cool, safe environment.
The reason I opened this topic was to invite you to participate in recreating this learning. Feel free to reply back.
That being said - I've also got an idea that I'll put out there - and that is using the technology that I use as a virtual instructor. Where I teach we use bridge lines that bring people together from all over the world to explore and discuss subjects. Just thinking that it may be a really interesting idea to open up a bridge line and discuss/critique/share on everyone's photos a week or two after the project is completed. We could pull up each photographer's photos on our computers in the comfort of our own offices/homes, and have a conference call going through each portfolio.
OK - I've said enough - Time to sit back and listen.


Here's another

4:01:51 AM

I really like the idea of using a phone bridge. I'll send out an email to the whole group to hear what they think too.

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