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Red Blue White

Photos 1 and 2 fail to capture the shades of red, blue, and white that are visible up here during the winter, but are pretty cool anyway. The sun never gets very high, so it is usually rather orange/red. Photos 3 and 4 are leftovers from last winter, but the fire shot captures the orange nicely. In high school physics, we were tasked with determining where the C and F scales crossed....I never imagined I would live with it. Photo 5, well, there is just nothing like a Copper River Red, although the big fillets are kings (40lb fish). There is nothing like dipnetting in the Copper River. Photos 6 and 7 capture the fine colors of Le Crueset. Unfortunately, every picture I took shows the dutch oven as purple when it is really deep blue. Another limitation of our camera. Photo 8 is just some appropriatedly colored clothes that were lying around. Photo 9 is more of a social commentary, than anything else...our dogs aren't as spoiled as many (they still have to sleep outside), but they are still in America, where we love our dogs.....

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