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Malta, The island of Calypso
by Fiona Buttigieg
I have a dark complexion and talk with an accent; People always ask where I’m from.

My homeland is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, steeped in history and blushed with a warm sun. It is as if Time has stood still in Malta. Traces of each chapter of her turbulent past are seen on every street corner and on the faces of the elderly who have experienced first hand the ravages of World War II. Despite this, the western world is fast encroaching and Malta is changing with each new generation. Being such a small island with finite space (you can fit four Maltas within the perimeter highway of Atlanta), there is no room for the past to co-exist with the future. Therefore the need to preserve the charm of the past is ever increasing. I choose to do this through a photographic montage.

Not only is the physical landscape changing but also the way of life. I have tried to capture the unique elements of the Maltese lifestyle that I grew up with and endeavor to preserve in my daily life today.
On a recent visit to see my family, I paid homage to my homeland and through my photography want others to see how I see Malta and what Malta means to me. The images I have selected come from the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, the capital city of Valletta, St Paul’s Bay and my grandmother’s house