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A visit to the Utah desert.

It is becoming a spring tradition for me, a send off to winter and a welcome to the warmer months to come. This year Randy, Chris, and I drove out to a secluded canyon side camp site with coolers full of good food, and yes, plenty of beer. No, this isn't a back country expedition. It is a time to indulge and be free from the rough life of ski country.

This year the weather wasn't too cooperative, suprising us with nasty squalls of wind and groppel (y'know, those little mini snowballs that fall from the sky.) So you'll see us bundled up in our down parkas, struggling to stay warm as we drank our cold beers next to the fire.

Of course we had fun. I have fond memories of clutching the edge of the cliff, protecting my camera in my coat from the blasts of sand thrown by 40 mph gusts of wind. I sat on that cliff watching the clouds swirl, shooting dozens of shots as the late afternoon light painted the canyon below.

On the way home we stopped at Arches National Monument. It is a breathtaking place, but I won't waste words trying to describe it, I'm a photographer not a writer.

Enjoy the images I brought home with me.

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