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I'll miss my old Honda. He served me well for 5 years. He carried everything I owned between my homes in New York, Oregon, Colorado and Minesota. He took all the abuse of traveling on the salt crused highways of New England, on the windy washboarded gravel roads of the Cascades, and across 11,000 foot passes in the Rockies. The photos shown here were taken just after midnight on March 7, 2001 when my car reached its goal of 200,000 miles on I-90 in western Nebraska.

Slowly he began to fade, starting with the loss of his eyesight... uh, rather headlights about an hour after this photo was taken. He painstakingly carried me across the tall and steep I-70 passes 4 times over the next 2 months. He would've got me home if I hadn't taken a 700 mile detour to Louisville, KY to meet up with Packer, Sammy and Kendra for my first "Incident". He breathed his last breath. It was quick and rather inconvenient when the timing belt broke on the expressway in Chicago. It was hard to part with him but I new his time had come.

Okay, so that was a bit of a tangent. I can't help but to get all teary-eyed when I look at photos of my old car.

The photos are shots I took during my spring travels. Note the gas sign from Dubuque, IA. I had to shoot it, knowing that it was probably the cheapest gas I would see for the rest of my life. The rest of the shots were taken in Mobile Alabama before and after the String Cheese show. My car didn't get me down there, but it was none the less part of the journey.

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