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Colorado, it has become my second home. The winter of 00/01 was to be
my first season away from ski country. While I learned to play hockey and
did some cross country skiing, I couldn't spend a winter without using my tele-skis.

When Randy (shown left, and behind the camera for the shots of me,) told me I
had a job and a ski pass waiting for me in Colorado, I hopped in my car and
returned to the mountains again. A week after I arrived the snow started
falling...and falling...and falling. It made for lousy business as a
photographer but made for great skiing.

In April I made it out to Carbondale to visit my friend Peter who made the
same migration from Bend, Oregon to Colorado. We spent a few days in the
foothills of Mount Sopris shooting photos. I drove his truck probably 50
times through a puddle while he and Kelly tried to get the perfect shot.

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