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April 2, 1999
A familiar face from a place far from forgotten. I ran into Brandon in the main lodge, I noticed him watching as I was showing Dave our powder photos from the morning shoot (see spring powdahh.) I first met Brandon almost a year earlier when I was visiting friends and making turns in Vermont last March. He grabbed my attention when he casually pulled a helicopter (a 360 degree spin) of the kicker the snowboarders were playing on at a kegger. I didn't know one could do things like that on telemark skis. He playfully dropped off a 10 foot retaining wall to find a new line to the kicker. He hooked me and John up with free tele rentals at Mad River Glen later that weekend.
I soon learned he was hitchhiking across the country, making turns and poaching runs at as many ski areas as he could on his way up to Alaska. I joined him for a few runs one morning and brought my camera along for kicks. The air shot of him was launching off a cornice in the NW territory of Mt Bachelor. With my 2 fps motor wind, I snapped off 4 shots. Doing a little basic physics calculations I realized he dropped somewhere between 40 and 60 feet.
The extra shot at the end is of my friend Gray who is proudly showing off his battle wound from a face plant.

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