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The second Tuesday of April is the annual celebration of the close of the ski season. It is a insane festivity on Vail Mountain where around 1,000 locals let it all out in an event called BB&B. While I had heard so much about this event, nothing could prepare me for this all-out mountain freak-out. I won't try to describe it, I didn't even try to photograph it, for it is something that can only be experienced. I actually did shoot some photos with Scott's old all-manual Olympus SLR but I never saw the results. I think the rolls may have somehow been lost in the fog of intoxication

Things mellowed out that evening. Some people made it up to the house for a post BB&B wind-down. We sat in the hot tub as an unexpected spring storm dumped close to 20" of fresh snow on us.

The following day separated the pros from the amateurs. A few of us were on the mountain by 9AM the next morning for an epic (yet painful) day of incredible snow. The black and white shot is of Packer slowly lacing up his boots before we headed out for freshies.

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