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I cast my vote for the following 3:

White Blue Red - timely, especially for those statebound, as Eli said, this could be a color project.

Conflict - This could be the emotional project. We either feel it inside us or see it surround us, and if we see it, we usually feel it.

Doorway - This could be the physical thing project. Such a common structure, a passage taken for granted. At the same it can represent periods of our lives that we enter and exit. Walking out of a door of a loved one's hospital room full knowing that was the last time. A rice covered couple in a tux and white dress walking out of chapel doors. There is a cool doorway (just a door, no walls) in this movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374546/

...but of course people are going to take these in all directions, but I think these offer a good spectrum to choose from...

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