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1. I had to rush because the wind was extremely strong, and who wants sand in their camera? Whoever they are, they aren't me.

2. You can sort of tell that it's holding on against a strong wind.

3. The sand was bright, bright, bright. The wood was bright, bright, bright. The butterfly was bright, bright, bright. So I left my exposure bias at the non-sand level. I see now that a brightish creature needs maybe +.67 more than that.

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I think it's a sulphur. it may be a cabbage white after all. 1) The markings are hard to tell with a damaged wing. 2) Cabbage whites are normally very fearful of the great apes such as yours truly, whereas this one was so very uncharacteristically tolerant of me. And you're thinking Well, it had a bad wing. Actually, butterflies and moths can get around on much less wing than you might fear.
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