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Lucky to get anything at all in that wind.
Today I learned that white flowers are no longer bright when the sky is your background. Obvious, I know.

Didn't get too many pictures worth keeping today, but I was really roving about desperately, not wanting to go back inside. I felt...I felt like the last Saturday before school starts, you know, when it's sunny and windy and there's enough of a chill that you have your coat and you're desperate to have your last bit of freedom before the time of despair returns and you're just hoping for something, anything, please, anything. You'd go home and you couldn't even shut it out because there were school clothes and stuff around, and tomorrow the newspaper was going to be full of ads with big drawings of pencils and buses and it was enough to break your heart.

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Nothing more trite and characteristic of an unoriginal hack than flowers and dew, but there's a reason we are drawn to point cameras at particular things.
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