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Fiona - May 2006

May started with snow and ended with summer (or so we thought until the first weekend of June, see the 2006 garden series). Fiona and Ann took a trip to Minnesota in early May, while I was at work down in Wrangell. Fiona made some friends and had a good time. She particularly liked travelling first class, but we are hoping she doesn't really remember. Her second from the front top teeth came in first and she had fangs for several weeks, although you had to hold her upside down to get a really good view. That was fine with her, but I've heard you should never hold a baby upside down with one hand and try to photograph her with the other. The first thing she did after figuring out how to crawl was crawl to her toy basket and learn to pull herself up and toys out. It's not the having, it's the getting and she's getting better at it every day.

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