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Some of the most specatacular reflections in life appear in water. Photographs hide the subtle motion that we recognize in reflections in water. This pause in time can make the images surreal.

Last weekend I was intregued by the intricate paterns cast on the snow by trees. I was able to integrate that in the second image with the sun reflecting off of Lake Tahoe below.

The third image captures the stillness of autumn at a beaver damn on Alder Creek, just a few miles upstream of the Donner family winter camp. I enjoy the contrast of the dead trees with the subtle suggestion of live trees towering above in the reflection.

The last image is more metaphorically reflective than optically reflective. I shot that photo just before I made my first descent on skis since I tore my Achilles tendon (5 months earlier.) There were tremendous butterflies in my stomache. I was both nervous and excited. I have spent the last 3 months trying to rehabilitate my left calf which completely atrophied during the 2 month immobiliation. I realized that I took for granted my ability to casually hike to the top of a mountain and take some photos. On the way down I made a few cautious and conservative turns, checking my speed and trying to find my balance. Soon it came back to me, and I tapped back into the muscle memory learned over tens of thousands of turns. I felt the joy of a hundred powder days. I was back!

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