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I drove up the road towards Mt Bachelor and turned down a highway that slept through the winter under 20 feet of snow. I was meeting up with some friends for a little camping EXPERIENCE. I wasn't certain my car was suited for the road I was told to take however Mark just snickered "I've seen cars like yours up there." I cautiously drove past the sign saying THIS ROAD IS NOT MAINTAINED FOR PASSENGER VEHICLES. I slowly navigated my way up the washed out dirt road. I had my evil little cel-phone, I knew I could call them if I dropped my transmission on a rock. I came around a bend to see their 3 Toyota 4x4's. I was offered treats and graciously accepted. We spent several hours wandering through the Alpine terrain in the dark. We were not lost! Eventually we returned to camp and celebrated the wilderness with fire and beer (I swear we were not in the wilderness area.)

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